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Recent Work

Chelsea has been working in the entertainment industry since she was 17 and has gained well rounded experience in front of and behind the mic & camera.

As voice over talent shes worked for companies such as Netflix, Pepsi, Subway, Google, Staples, Nickelodeon and many others.

Pepsi - Ft. Joel McHale
Angel Soft Tissue
Anchor 1
Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Audio Dramas

The year is 2045. As a historic winter storm slams into her city, New York detective Jacquelyn "Jack" Irons (Chelsea Spirito) seeks shelter in the closest hotel. Tonight, there's a killer stalking the high society guests of the opulent Bradbury Hotel, and in these white-out conditions there's no help on the way. With no-one to trust - human or robot - Jack aims to catch the killer before the sun rises and her own past catches up with her.

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St. Elizabeth Health Care


Working independently as writer, producer and sole actress, Chelsea has just begun festival rounds with her first short "A Tight Ten", in which a stand up comedienne performs a "set" based on her experiences living alone as a woman.

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